Top Things to Do in Aruba with Kids

Some vacations are improved when you bring your children along for the adventure. If you think that going on a break with your kids to a more local spot is the easiest way for them to have a fun time, then we have good news for you. There are places around the world that ensure that everyone in the family has a good time.

One of these places is Aruba, which has a variety of activities that your kids will have a blast engaging in. Some options allow them to become closer to nature, while others provide an enhanced experience of whatever you enjoy doing back at home. Here are the top things to do in Aruba with kids so that your family vacation is a memorable one.

1. Snorkeling

Is your family full of swimmers and people who are fascinated with the wildlife that inhabits the ocean? If so, then snorkeling should be on your to-do list before you fly to Aruba. This Dutch Caribbean island is not short on beaches where you can grab some snorkeling gear and dive into the water to explore the reefs and caves in the area.


The water at these beaches is clear, making it easy for you and your kids to spot creatures that you may or may not want to avoid. Services are available that give you tips on how to navigate the area and how long you should stay there. Depending on where you go snorkeling, you might be lucky enough to spot the wreckage of a pirate ship.

2. Saying Hello to Butterflies

Aruba is full of areas that allow tourists to get up close to different creatures. If your kids love insects, particularly butterflies, then we recommend spending a sunny afternoon at the Aruba Butterfly Farm. These insects come in all shapes, sizes and color patterns, and they are friendly enough to take a rest on your fingers.


Guides are available to educate visitors on the process that butterflies go through to become butterflies. Moths and other insects are included in the farm in case your kids want to see what other creatures call the farm home. Gardens are scattered throughout the farm to add beauty to the area, and they make for great additions to your photo collection.

3. Bowling

Not everything that you do for fun in Aruba has to be done outside. One example is bowling, a sport that people of different ages can take part in together. Spots on the island for bowling include Eagle Bowling Palace and Dream Bowl Aruba, which come with arcade games and other activities your family can play in between games.


If your kids have a background in bowling, then you can challenge them by keeping the gutters down and see how many strikes they can get. The majority of bowling alleys in Aruba open in the afternoon, so you’ll have time for outdoor activities before you arrive. The meal options also save you time on finding places for dinner.

4. Bike Rides Through Town

Aruba provides a variety of ways to get around, and some of them come with the benefit of being fun. That’s where bikes come in, as rentals are available in different parts of the island. This can save your gang time on getting to shopping centers, restaurants, beaches and other places, and it is an opportunity for you all to get a workout in along the way.


The majority of the island is flat, which means that you will have an easy time getting around on a bike. This is also very helpful for kids, who will have a better time keeping up with you. Some bikes provide additional seats in case your kids are exhausted and you want to give them a tour of the area. Make sure to find rentals that will deliver bikes directly to your hotel.

5. Off-Road Safaris

Does your family spend the majority of your time adventuring through cities, towns and other populated areas? If so, then this is an opportunity to explore the outdoors. The northeast coast of Aruba is full of rugged geography and spots for hiking, and Jeep tours are available to see as much of the area as possible and take in the scenery.

Aruba Bridge

Be sure that the days you’re visiting Aruba are scheduled to have sunshine so that you can experience these Jeep tours. When you’re not looking out for wildlife, you might come across churches, gold mines and other locations that have been around for centuries. Swimming holes, natural bridges and other natural wonders are scattered throughout the area.

6. Visiting Arikok National Park

A vacation in Aruba that is scheduled to last at least a week will also give you time to check out Arikok National Park. This spot is full of caves, sand dunes and limestone cliffs that make for great photos, especially if they are rare wherever you live. The hiking trails will give you a workout that will earn you high-calorie dinners later in the day.

Arikok National Park

The park is also full of unique wildlife, including goats, iguanas, donkeys, bats and migratory birds. Make sure to follow the guides’ instructions on how to interact with animals so that you can keep your kids safe while allowing them to get a good view of these creatures. If you have kids aged 17 or younger, then they will be able to get in for free.

7. Hanging Out with Ostriches

Another farm that you should take your kids to in Aruba is the Ostrich Farm in Oranjestad, the capital of the island. This will allow you to get back to the city center when you’re done learning about ostriches and emus, some of the biggest birds on the planet. You and your kids will get to feed the birds and learn how they behave and survive in the wild.


Your kids will also get to see baby chicks at the nursery and hold ostrich eggs. These eggs are the largest laid by any bird species. The farm’s photographer charges for taking pictures of you with the ostriches, so bring a camera if you’re not willing to fork over a few dollars for photos. A restaurant and souvenir shop are also located at the farm.

Take your kids to Aruba so that they can experience a variety of adventures. And if you are looking for where to stay, our Best All-Inclusive Caribbean Resorts includes a few Aruba best resorts.

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