South Africa 101: What To Do In South Africa

Drakensberg Mountain

It is no surprise that South Africa is known as the “Rainbow Nation, ”with 11 official languages and lifestyles as diverse as the countries of the world.  Each city has a culture of its own and a different pace of life, yet they are all proudly South African. Born and bred in South Africa, I consider … Read more

10 Ways to Explore the Best of Mauritius

Explore Mauritius

The plane had hardly touched the tarmac when an enamel mug of rum had been shoved in my one hand and a Roti [Indian Flatbread] in the other.  ‘I finally found paradise’, I thought to myself.  Mauritian hospitality has no bounds as our hosts greeted us with Mithai [sugary coconut sweets], gifts and rum on … Read more

Best Things To Do In Morocco

Travel to Morocco

So, you have three days’ vacation, and you are not sure how to fill them. Think fabulous Marrakech, the red city in the center of mysterious Morocco! Think family travel Morocco! What could be better than spending time in the fabulous medieval city with exotic architecture and lots of adventures to pack into a fun-filled … Read more