Mekong River, Southeast Asia

Mekong River Tour

When I decided to travel to Southeast Asia, I was most interested in the enormous geographic features found in the region. Planning for my trip, the Mekong River was at the top of the list, my travel partner had Angkor Wat and Bangkok, but it was the muddy waters of this river that called my … Read more

Best Temples in Asia

Yakcheonsa Temple - Best Temples in Asia

Asia is a popular destination among tourists all over the world. Aside from being affordable, it also has so much to offer- from authentic sushi bars in Japan, to beautiful beaches in the Philippines, to magnificent temples in Cambodia. Speaking of temples, these can be found around the entire globe, but most likely when one … Read more

Ten Things to Do Once You’ve Finally Decided to Book That Flight to Vietnam

Sa Pa Rice Terraces - Best Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is known to the world for Vietnam War, Miss Saigon, and for being one of the top rice producers in the world. It is also one of the most frequently visited countries in Southeast Asia. Aside from being affordable, Vietnam also offers rich culture, striking landscapes, and delicious food.Vietnam’s beaches are also magnificent and … Read more

Bhutan’s Hidden Secrets

Taktshang monastery

Tucked away between Himalayan mountain peaks, the hidden gem of Bhutan is a land of ancient mysteries and natural treasures.  A large portion of my trip consisted of visiting beautiful age-old monasteries and fortresses (known as dzongs) across the country, each with its unique legends, history, and colorful artwork.  The night skies were littered with … Read more

Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo

Chidorigafuchi - Best Things to do in Tokyo

The iconic flashing lights of downtown Tokyo city cannot be denied. Crosswalks are busy with dozens of pedestrians zig-zagging to head to work, hop on the metro, or sip a quick coffee with friends. Storefronts are buzzing with neon signs and haphazard sound effects to grab the attention of passersby. Yet this is only half … Read more

Philippines: Vigan For A Day

Souvenir Shop

No, the title is not misspelled. This article is about a place, not a diet. Vigan is a quaint little city in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. If you want to spend the rest of the day being drawn around the city in horse carriages (calesa or karitela in the local language), walk on cobblestone streets, see … Read more