A Complete Guide to A Bimini Bahamas Family Vacation on The Bimini Ferry 

Family Vacation on The Bimini Ferry

 Most people think of Nassau when they think of The Bahamas. But there’s a lot more to Bahamas than just Nassau. There are so many islands that comprise Bahamas, a country in the Caribbean. And don’t get us wrong, Nassau is beautiful and popular for families with kids. We, however want to introduce you to … Read more

30 Breathtaking UNESCO Heritage Sites You Should Visit with Kids

Galapagos Islands - UNESCO Heritage Sites

Showing your kids, the world through travel, is an excellent way to broaden their horizons, especially if you choose to see 30 breathtaking UNESCO Heritage Sites you should visit with kids.  These areas hold some of the best history and while your kids are learning a lot, they will also be fascinated by the sheer … Read more

Ten Amazing Things to Do in Saint Lucia

Amazing Things to Do in Saint Lucia

Filled with volcanic beaches, fishing villages, reef-diving locations, and luxury resorts, Saint Lucia (St. Lucia) has everything you could ever ask for when it comes to your next Caribbean vacation. An independent nation, St. Lucia still boasts vestiges of its British and French colonial past.  In this guide, we’ll go over some basics regarding St. … Read more

10 Places to Visit in Jamaica with Family

Places to Visit in Jamaica with Family

 Beautiful beaches. Incredible food. A vibrant country with friendly locals. There are several reasons why Jamaica is one of the best vacation spots in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a great family vacation in Jamaica, it’s time to start planning your trip. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best Jamaica vacation … Read more

The Best Caribbean Beaches 2020

Virgin Gorda

We’ve been fortunate to visit most of the best kid-friendly Caribbean beaches. Despite the recent hurricanes, these silky beaches are still as beautiful and blue as ever. And of course, still warm. The Caribbean Islands are loved and admired for the plethora of beaches it provides. With about 700 islands resting along the Caribbean Sea, … Read more