Off-the-Beaten Path Costa Rica

Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Costa Rica

With infrastructure to match the United States, stunning Caribbean beaches, pristine national parks, unique wildlife, and a strong, forward-looking economy, Costa Rica is an already well-established vacation destination for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers per year. As wonderful as this is for the country, it leaves some locations feeling more like a resort than a … Read more

Best Things to Do in Nicaragua

Granada’s Colonial Buildings

Nicaragua, especially for those readers from the U.S., is a country shrouded in mystery and negativity. The reality of the place, however, is a relatively untouched paradise, with countless potential encounters and experiences that will leave visitors breathless and itching for more. Whether in need of a relaxing, family-focused beach break or an adrenaline fuelled … Read more

Family Fun in the Land of the Maya, Guatemala

Family Fun in Guatemala

Enriched with so much history, culture, and natural beauty, Guatemala is a must-visit for any families looking for that off-the-beaten-track vacation experience. A favorite with backpackers for many moons now, Guatemala is now transforming into a holiday destination for all, with better infrastructure, safer streets, and the pre-existing attractions that have drawn so many culture … Read more