Best Vacation Spot in All US States and Territories Including Alaska and Hawaii

Indianapolis, Indiana - Best Vacation Spot in All US

Are you trying to find the perfect destination for your next vacation?  Do you think that you need to travel far distances and go overseas to finally experience the vacation of your dreams?  Well, I am going to share the best vacation spots within the United States, and I can guarantee that an amazing vacation … Read more

9 Best Scenic Drives In Australia

Best Scenic Drives In Australia

Explore the red continent of Australia by taking a drive along one of the many scenic roads that the country has to offer. From beautiful coastlines to the beauty of the rugged outback, taking a road trip in Australia will offer visitors stunning views of the picturesque great outback. So if you’re looking for a … Read more

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Fiji with Kids 

Fiji with Kids

If you’re looking for a great family vacation destination, look no further.  Though you may have an image of Fiji as being a popular party destination, this great island actually boasts a number of attractions that are great for your whole family.  By scheduling your next vacation for Fiji, you can have an experience quite … Read more

Tahiti vs Moorea vs Bora Bora in French Polynesia – Where Should You Go?

Tahiti vs Moorea vs Bora Bora in French Polynesia

Looking for that perfect tropical French Polynesia vacation but not sure where to go? Not sure whether you should visit Tahiti, Moorea, or Bora Bora?  If so, this guide can help. In this post, we’ll break down the differences and advantages of each island. In doing so, we’ll see what makes some islands better than … Read more

Eight Main Hawaiian Islands to Visit on Your Next Trip: Hawaii Travel Guide

Molokai - Hawaii Travel Guide

Over nine million tourists visited Hawaii last year. Hawaii is the perfect place to be labeled as paradise on Earth. With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush rainforests, and friendly locals, Hawaii is indeed a beautiful place for vacation. Hawaii has eight main islands. If you are still contemplating on which island to … Read more

Places To Go With Kids: Hawaii Family Vacation

Hawaii Family Vacation

When we talk about the best family vacations, summer getaways, beach and sun, Hawaii, the 50th U.S. state, located several miles away from the U.S.mainland, floating in the middle of the vast central Pacific Ocean, is normally one of the top choices. It is a paradise of extreme proportions. The volcanic archipelago is a destination … Read more

Family Holiday in the Pacific: Vanuatu Vs. Fiji Vs. New Caledonia

Vanuatu - Fiji, Vanuatu, or New Caledonia

There are few regions of the world that are better suited to a family holiday than the South Pacific. Filled with friendly, safe islands with beautiful beaches for Mom and Dad, and plenty of fun activities for the little ones, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular holiday spot. Three of the most popular destinations … Read more