Traveling with Pets

Naturally, when you go out of town, you often want to bring your little furry friends with you. However, this can be daunting to some because there are challenges that come with traveling with pets. With that being said, if you follow the tips and tricks we provide you, you can have a fun and stress-free trip with your little friend.  

‘Challenge’ Myths of Travelling with Pets

More often than not, what scares us away from traveling with our pets are the many things that people say can go wrong. However, some of these things that are said are just myths and nothing more than that. Below are the top give challenge myths of pet travel:

The Cargo is Either too Hot or too Cold: While many people believe this to be a fact and fear it, it is simply not true. The cargo hold is temperature and pressure-controlled just like the passenger cabin. Because of this, you can feel safe and secure with your pets being in the cargo hold. With that being said, however, some dogs struggle with the pressure change more than others.

Animals Die in the Cargo Hold: Many people believe that a lot of dog injuries or even deaths occur on the plane. However, this is not true as many of the injuries or deaths that are spoken of actually occurred on land. Most of these cases occurred due to the dogs being dropped, overheat, or more that has nothing to do with the cargo hold. 

Drive with Dog

It is Safer to Drive with Dogs: While you may have more time to stop and let the dog rest and go to the restroom if you choose to drive, you may actually increase the anxiety that the dogs undergo. Dogs tend to feel stressed when traveling by car, so long drives in a car can be very stress-inducing. Because of this, a perk of traveling by plane is that the travel time is much shorter.

You Should Give Them a Sedative: While giving your dog a sedative seems like the easiest way to travel, it is proven to not be very healthy for the dogs. When a dog is given a sedative, their heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory function, response time, temperament, and balance will be affected. It can make other health risks even worse for dogs who have pre-existing conditions.

A Pet-Friendly Hotel Allows Pets: There is a big difference between a ‘pet-friendly’ hotel that has great accommodations for dogs and is very welcoming to your animals and those who simply state it and don’t do anything good for your furry friend. For example, some of the hotels that are labeled as ‘pet-friendly’ will actually just use their smoking room as their room for pets and pet owners.

Best American Airlines for Pets

Some airlines are better than others in terms of allowing pets. Some airlines do not accept dogs on them are all while others have great accommodations for pets. Before you go traveling with your dogs, make sure that you know which airlines are the best. Below are the top 9 American Airline companies for dog accommodations:

Best Travel Carriers for Transporting Dogs

There is a difference between travel carriers, or little bags to carry your dog in during travels and carriers that you can use in the plane cabin, and we are going to talk about both of them in this article. To help you decide which travel carrier is best for you, we have made a collective list of the top 10 travel carriers:

  • Sleepypod- Bed and Bag in One
  • Sleepypod Air- Great for Safety
  • Bergan Soft-Sided Carrier- Great for Dogs under 22 Pounds
  • SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier- Flexible for Air Travel
  • Sherpa Original Deluxe Carrier- Lots of Color Options
  • Marshall Pet Designer Tote- Good for Travel Anxiety
  • Sherpa On Wheels Dog Carrier- Good for Heavier Dogs
  • Outward Hound Front Carrier- Perfect for Walking
  • Teafco Argo Aero-Pet Carrier- Sleek and Modern Design
  • Petego Jet Set Pet Carrier- Vehicle and Airline Travel

Best Carriers for Air Travel

While some of the above double as airplane carriers, there are carriers that are specifically designed to be taken on planes. These specific carriers will keep your dog happy and safe while sitting in the cabin of the plane. All of the following bags have high ratings for air travel in specific, so you can feel comfortable traveling with your furry friend. Here are the top 8 airline dog carriers for safe travels; you will notice that some overlap with the previously mentioned designs:

  • X-Zone Airline Pet Carrier- Can be Expanded and Retracted
  • SkySmart Airline Pet Carrier- Small and Secure
  • Bergan Soft-Sided Carrier- Discreet Travelling
  • Sleepypod Dog Carrier- Carrier, Car Seat, and Dog Bed
  • AmazonBasics Soft travel Carrier- Airy and Affordable
  • Snoozer Wheel Around Carrier- Four Things in One
  • Sturdibag Dog Carrier- Cozy and Comfortable
  • Teafco Argo Pet Carrier- Stylish and Durable

Other Necessary Dog Travel Accessories

Aside from a good dog carrier bag, you are going to want some other accessories that will make traveling with your dog a stress-free and fun trip from beginning to end. You don’t want to have to be worrying about all of the little things; instead, plan ahead and get the proper tools for a great trip. Below are some of the best travel accessories to suit any dog: 

Pet Travel

Bubble Pet Carrier by U-Pet: This fun and funky pet carrier allows you to take your pets, whether they be cats, dogs, or anything else, and carry them around in fashion. They can view the world through a glass sphere while you enjoy your adventuring.

Yellow Dog Raincoat: If you are traveling somewhere where it is going to be wet and rainy, you may want to prepare by purchasing your furry friend a cute little raincoat. The raincoat sold by Ellie is designed to fit any kind of dog.

Paw Plunger: The paw plunger allows you to clean your dog’s paws quickly and efficiently. This is especially helpful if you are renting a car and need a way to clean your dog’s paws before getting back into the car.

Portable Pet Water Bottle: There are some pet companies that have designed portable dog water bottles that are easy to transport and easy to use to give your dog some refreshment when you are out and about.

Yacht Dog Float: If you are traveling somewhere where there will be warm sun and pools, buying your dog a little float would be a fun and cute way to let your dog bask in the sun and catch those rays. Some are made specifically for dogs because they are puncture-proof and can hold a certain weight. 

Auto Zip Line for Dogs by Kurgo: If you stress out when your dog is free-range in the car while you are in motion, a pet harness or zipline such as the one sold by Kurgo allows your dog to stay safe and secure while moving. This will also help to protect them in the case of an accident.

Dog - Traveling with Pets

Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor by Whistle 3: This pet tracker and activity monitor let you be knowledgeable about where your dog is and when. This can relieve a lot of stress for some dog owners who stress about losing their dog while they are in an unfamiliar place. 

Seat Cover: This is especially helpful in a rental car because you don’t want to get the seats messed up. If you fear that your dog is going to scratch the seats, shed, or bring dirt/mud into the car, it can be helpful to buy a seat cover that protects the car from all of that.

Portable Bathing System by Bark Bath: This portable bathing system allows your dog to stay clean no matter where you go. With tanks that store water and fur, you can clean your dog no matter what length of fur they have. It is easy and efficient, so it is perfect for anyone traveling with their dog.


Overall, while traveling with your pet may seem daunting and scary, with the proper knowledge and tools, your travels can be stress-free and full of amazing memories with your furry friend. There are often a lot of myths that scare people away from traveling with their pets, but if you are safe and efficient and purchase proper carriers and toys, your dog will be as happy as can be no matter where you are or where you go. Don’t be scared to take your little guy or girl with you; it can create a lot of fun memories!

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