20 Unique Glamping Sites Around the World

Over the years, camping has evolved to be what is now known as “glamping.” Glamping is a coined term for “glamorous camping.” It is basically going on a camping trip minus the miserable bits when the rain falls, plus the luxury and comfort of hotel living.

Glamping sounds like a millennial activity to do while enjoying campfires, outdoor fun, and stargazing, but it is also becoming increasingly popular for good reasons. It does appeal to anyone who wants to relax or get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Camp like a champ while enjoying the scenery without having to worry about the changing and unpredictable weather in these glamping sites around the world. Read on for 20 of the unique glamping sites you can visit.

1. Wadi Rum Glampsite, Jordan

Wadi Rum Glampsite - Glamping Site

It will be a rewarding experience for everyone to enjoy glamping at Jordan’s most famous national park, the desert of Wadi Rum. Imagine wandering on the desert during the day and spending the night on a campsite, while enjoying the breathtaking view of the sky. Away from the chaos of the city, Wadi Rum’s isolation and clear skies make it an incredible spot for stargazing and relaxation after a long day in the dessert. An overnight stay in the nomad’s camp or Bedouin Beit Shaar camp is such a great way to enjoy your Jordanian trip.

2. Glamping Pod, Scottish River

Glamping Pod, Scottish River - Glamping Site

The whole point of glamping is to be with nature and to enjoy the scenery without the nitty-gritty part of setting up camp tents. The Glamping Pod in Scotland will take care of your needs.  Established walkways and stairways will lead you to your pod where you can stay with your friends and family. From the pod, a view of the river and the forest can be enjoyed.

3. Pampered Wilderness, Millersylvania State Park, Washington State

Pampered Wilderness, Millersylvania State Park - Glamping Site

Pampered Wilderness simply lives up to expectations of glamorous camping, for it pampers visitors with an amazing view of the wilderness and offers the comfort of hotel living. Its canvas cabins are perfect for families who are looking for a hassle free weekend adventure.

4. Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel, Sweden - Glamping Site

Carved out of imagination and inspired by the film The Tree Lover by Jonas Selber, Treehotel in northern Sweden offers its guests tree rooms that are not only unique and beautiful but are also modern. With its modern look, plus a chance to see the Northern Lights, this one is a must-visit place when visiting Sweden.

5. Atlantic Surf Pods, Cornwall

Atlantic Surf Pods, Cornwall - Glamping Site

Atlantic Surf Pods, located in Bude, on the North Cornwall coast are unique glamping sites that are family friendly. They offer an astonishing view of the farm and animals and easy access to Summerleaze Beach.

6. Sal Salis, Australia

Sal Salis, Australia - Glamping Site

With no access to the Internet, but unlimited access to an amazing view of the Indian Ocean, Sal Salis is a beach-side safari camp nestled in the dunes of Australia’s Cape Range National Park. This luxury glamping site is also famous for its spectacular views of Ningaloo Coral Reef.

7. Autocamp, Santa Barbara

Autocamp, Santa Barbara - Glamping Site

For a unique camping experience within the city, go for Autocamp in Santa Barbara, California.  This urban airstream hotel let you enjoy the amenities and features of a campsite without driving far from the city.

8. Chewton Glen, England

Chewton Glen, England - Glamping Site

Glamp like a king and get pampered while enjoying the view of the scenery from one of Chewton Glen Treehotel’s wooden tree houses, cabins, or glass cabin.

9. De Etchyngham, East Sussex

De Etchyngham, East Sussex - Glamping Site

Speaking of glamping like a king, De Etchynghamin East Sussex is a luxurious glamp site within Glottenham Castle. The place is ideal for honeymooners who want to be isolated and surrounded by wetland, woodlands, and flower farms.

10. Eco Camp, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Eco Camp, Torres del Paine - Glamping Site

Eco Camp, Torres del Paine in Chile lands a spot on our list of unique glamping sites around the world for its astonishing location. It is located in Patagonia, and is the first eco-hotel in the area.

11. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada - Glamping Site

If you are looking for adventure and have the money to enjoy glamping in a secluded site, then board a seaplane to Vancouver Island and head out to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada. The site is a perfect place for bear watching, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

12. Maui Retreat, Hawaii

Maui Retreat, Hawaii - Glamping Site

Unlike other glamping sites that are made of glass or wood, Maui Retreat House is unique because it is made of bamboo.

13. Red Kite Tree Tent, Wales

Red Kite Tree Tent, Wales - Glamping Site

Unique glamping sites get even weirder with the addition of the Red Kite Tree Tent. This glamping site situated in Wales lets guests stay in tents suspended from trees.

14. Lanzarote Retreats, Lanzarote, Spain

Lanzarote Retreats, Lanzarote, Spain - Glamping Site

It is an exclusive eco-retreat site where you can stay in one of the available yurts and cabins. The place is ideal for those who simply want to relax and enjoy Lanzarote’s sparkling Northern coastline

15. Sumilon Island Glamping, Philippines

Sumilon Island Glamping, Philippines - Glamping Site

Sumilon Island Glamping Site in the Philippines is situated near a mangrove area with spacious and comfortable camping tents. By day, you can hike around the island or stargaze at night.

16. Tena Tena Camp, Zambia

Tena Tena Camp, Zambia - Glamping Site

With comfortable cabins, as well as idyllic and romantic views of the wilderness and the wild, Tena-Tena camp in Zambia is a perfect place to be in Africa.

17. Entamanu Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Entamanu Ngorongoro, Tanzania - Glamping Site

Nomad Entamanu Ngorongoro Camp is located in the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania. It is uniquely off the beaten track, with exceptional views of the landscape and wildlife.

18. Whitepod, Switzerland

Whitepod, Switzerland - Glamping Site

Whitepod is a collection of aesthetically fascinating, uber-cozy, high-tech igloo-shaped pods with views of the pristine Swiss Alps.

19. Cabañas en los árboles, Spain

Cabañas en los árboles, Spain - Glamping Site

The cabins that are appended on top of a tree are a wonderful place to wake up to while being served with food hoisted up to you in a basket. A great day in a cabin would mean spending time appreciating the view of the mountains.

20. Resort at Paws Up, Montana, USA

Resort at Paws Up, Montana - Glamping Site

This place is something you won’t expect in the middle of an enormous estate in Montana. But once you get there, you will find yourself enjoying the river, the views, while relaxing inside the tents. It is the ultimate ranch life.

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