Vacation for Kids – What to Do and What to Bring

Most traveling parents go through several stages of planning when it comes to organizing a family vacation. It includes identifying places and attractions to see, keeping track of everyone’s travel necessities, and listing down the family’s travel essentials. The what-to-do and what-to-bring lists seem endless, especially if you are preparing a trip that involves kids or toddlers because they have special needs and they require special attention. Whether you are traveling with kids for the first time or you are a frequent flyer and you are reading this, then, you are in luck. I listed the things to consider as you pack your kid’s stuff for the anticipated vacation for kids.

1. Clothes to Wear When Boarding the Plane

Baby Clothes - Vacation for Kids

Frequent traveling parents know this first tip very well. The temperature inside the aircraft can be super cold and chilly.  So, regardless of how long your destination is, especially if you are boarding a long-haul flight, wrap the kids properly. Airlines are notorious for blasting the air-conditioning system in full, and kids do get cold no matter where you are going. It is important to let them wear comfortable and cold-resistant clothes. Lightweight breathable jackets or cardigan, leggings for the girls, pajamas or sweatpants for the boys are the options most preferred by parents.

2. Clothes and Weather

Girl in a farm - Vacation for Kids

Wherever you are traveling to, it is a smart move to always consider the weather of your destination to avoid packing the incorrect and inappropriate clothes. Although one of the most important packing rules is to layer, layer, layer, keep in mind that layering may not be ideal for summer. Make sure to bring travel pants, sweat pants, sweaters, and cardigans for winter travels. These types of clothes will keep your little ones warm and cozy. To keep them comfortable and happy when traveling during summer trips, make sure that you bring lightweight and loose-fitting shirts. Summer dresses also are suitable for girls, and boys prefer sleeveless shirts and board shorts.

3. Tags and Labels

Tags - Vacation for Kids

Packing for vacation for kids also includes putting tags and labels to their personal stuff and belongings. Keeping the children’s stuff such as shoes, bathing suits, and swimming gear organized will bring so much comfort for you when you need to find them. It is important to label your kid’s stuff that can easily go missing. Making all of them number or color-coded is also another option you can consider. Organizing their clothes by name or by day is also a good way to pack.

4. Travel or Flight Schedule

Flight Schedule - Vacation for Kids

Vacation for kids means preparation and consideration. You have to remember that kids need to rest and sleep, preferably at night. So, when booking your next flight, always consider getting the morning flights. This way, you would not be carrying groggy and sleepy children around the airport. It will make things easy for you.

5. Car Seats for Kids

Kids sleeping in the car - Vacation for Kids

Kids get bored and get sleepy during long trips, especially if you leave them in the backseat for hours. So it is important that they are seated safely and comfortably when you are traveling by car.  A good car seat is the answer to making sure that your kids are comfortable. Most car seats provide good head support, which will keep the little ones safe. Car seats are also useful even for overseas travels. If you are planning to be on the road for a very long time, it is advisable to carry your own children’s car seat.

6. Candy and Bubble Gum

Candy - Vacation for Kids

For practical reasons, you need to pack candy and bubble gum when traveling with kids. Aside from the fact that kids love sweets, they are prone to ear pain during flights. Their ears pop when you are traveling. This usually happens normally when they have a cold or sinus infection.  If you can postpone the trip the better, but if you really have to push through the trip, be ready with a decongestant pill or nose spray or ready your gums when this happens.

7. Motion Sickness Bags

Aside from possible ear pain, kids are also very susceptible to motion sickness. This is why it is ideal to always carry one for each of your kids whenever you are out on the road or when you are flying on a plane.

8. Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring and Activity Book - Vacation for Kids

Although many traveling parents opt to bring board games or download apps on their phone for kids to play while in transit or when on vacation, another best thing to take is the traditional coloring book. They can color the pages while waiting for boarding or when they are bored. There are several choices you can choose from, but consider buying themed books. They may prefer coloring their favorite cartoon character or superhero. Of course, it is imperative that you also need to bring crayons and coloring pens.You can visit this link for the list of other Travel Games for Kids.

9. Movies and Smartphone Apps

Kid using Smartphone - Vacation for Kids

Kids today are more inclined and exposed to technology and to smartphones than their parents ever were. Thus, it is explainable and understandable why traveling parents take iPads, tablets, or smartphones loaded with game apps and movies when traveling. The millennial generation easily gets bored and will always find something to be busy with. The little ones are not exempted here. Even when traveling, kids will be looking for their favorite Disney movie or will be playing Candy Crash while on the plane. Make sure that your gadgets are travel ready by loading them with kid-friendly games, shows, and movies. Netflix has a bunch of shows you can download for offline viewing.

10. Travel Seat Organizer

After you have packed all your children’s travel essentials, you will need a place where you can easily locate them while you are on the road. Bringing a travel car seat organizer that will hold all the kids stuff in one place is ideal.

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