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Nepal, a country located between India and Tibet notorious for its historical and religions Hindu and Buddhist temples, is also home to the world’s highest peaks – the Himalayan mountains. It is a fascinating country with a mix of jungle and everlasting ice.So the idea of trekking the roof of the world, seeing the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, and exploring Kathmandu, the capital, gives anyone goose-bumps and brings so much excitement. Nepal is so vast that it offers a wondrous array of activities. Read on to find out more about the amazing activities that you can engage your kids with  when traveling in Nepal with kids.

1. Celebrate Holi Festival in Kathmandu

Holi Festival - Nepal With Kids

Nepal’s close proximity to its neighbor, India, makes it easier to understand why majority of the people of this landlocked country in South Asia follow Hinduism. This Nepal-India relationship stretches across the plains up to the Himalayas. One of the many things that bring these two countries together is the Holi Festival, where you and your kids can immerse in an authentic Hindu celebration experience. Kathmandu is a major avenue where Hindu and tourists gather each year to celebrate the “festival of colors.” The kids will love the colorful gulal on their faces, the sweets offered by stalls, and the traditional folk music being played.

2. Fly to Lukla

Tangboche Monastery - Nepal With Kids

In the article Nepal: Mount Everest, Himalayas and Top Things To Do In Nepal, published in Tripelle last June 2017, Lukla was featured as part of the list. This beautiful town of friendly people is making a comeback in this article about Nepal with kids. The flight to Lukla is what many tourists are always looking forward to because it comes with the stunning picturesque views of the mighty mountains and an adrenaline rush. Once you land, you can take your kids on a trek and enjoy the scenery at Tangboche Monastery.

3. Hike to Pokhara’s World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda - Nepal With Kids

World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara is a popular destination in Nepal. The pagoda is a stunning white stupa or a hemispherical structure containing relics that is used as a place of meditation. This structure built by the Buddhist monks sits atop a hill, giving visitors a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks, Annapurna Mountain range, as well as Phewa Lake and Sarangkot Mountain. Despite being a famous attraction for tourists, a word of caution, I suggest booking a guided tour before you head off, instead of hiking on your own.

4. Trek to Annapurna base camp

Annapurna base camp - Nepal With Kids

While Nepal with kids is a good idea, it is always important to take into consideration how young your little boys and girls are before you take them into the Himalayan-trekking experience. It is highly recommended to leave the babies at home, but if your kids are six and above, then they will enjoy the adrenaline-filled playground that is Annapurna base camp. Trekking to the camp is one of the friendlier activities that the little ones can participate in. Visiting the camp also means hiking in the wild while enjoying the out-of-this-world views of snow-capped mountains.

5. Stroll around Kathmandu’s bazaar

Kathmandu’s Bazaar - Nepal With Kids

A walking tour in Kathmandu will take you to the city’s market square in Asan, which could be a fascinating adventure for the little ones. Walking through stalls in the busiest, most colorful, and oldest market in Nepal’s capital is like walking back to history, giving you a good glimpse of the humble lives of the Nepalese people. Different spices, vegetables, fruits, local produce, and souvenirs are available for you to buy in the market from the stalls of the friendly market vendors who sell them.

6. Play with the pigeons at Durbar Square

Durbar Square - Nepal With Kids

Durbar Square is a place, usually in front of old royal palaces in Nepal that houses temples, statues, stupa, fountains, and many others. There are three of these plazas in Kathmandu. and taking the young ones to at least one is a great deal. Among the many things you will love in Durbar Square, which the kids will definitely enjoy is the presence of hundreds of pigeons. Kids can play with the birds like pigeon’s whisperer. It will be an amazing experiencing for them. Aside from that, another key event to look out for that happens around August or September is the Indra Jatra festival, a religious festival featuring masked dances in Durbar Square.

7. Pay Narayanhiti Royal Palace a visit

Narayanhiti Royal Palace - Nepal With Kids

While in Kathmandu, it is a must that you take the kids to Narayanhiti Royal Palace. The palace, which used to be the residence and principal workplace of Nepal’s last monarchy, is now a major tourism icon and a symbol of royalty and affluence. Today, the palace serves as a museum that houses royal jewels.

8. Be mesmerized by Swayambhunath

Swayambhunath - Nepal With Kids

When I said that Nepal is notorious for its temples, I was not bluffing. Not at all. There are a number of temples you can visit, but one you should not miss during your trip in Nepal with kids is the Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath. The temple is an ancient religious structure located atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley. Like other temples and stupa in Nepal, Swayambhunath also offers a panoramic view of the entire city and of the variety of trees that are found on the hill.

9. Visit the lake

Phewa Lake - Nepal With Kids

When traveling to the Pokhara, along the Annapurna circuit, do not miss stopping over at Phewa Lake, a freshwater lake in Nepal located in the south of the Pokhara Valley. Spending the night here to witness the breathtaking morning sun is an ideal activity for the family. The lake is also famous for its crowd of domestic and international tourists who visit to sail, swim, and fish. Small rowing boats are available for hire. A bonus view when visiting is the shadow of a nearby mountain reflected on the clear water of the lake.

10. Meet the wildlife at Royal Chitwan National Park

Royal Chitwan National Park - Nepal With Kids

Located in the south-central Nepal, Chitwan National Park is a World Heritage Site that is known for its biodiversity. The park puts a contrast to the ice and snowcapped mountain ranges you will find in Kathmandu. A family trip to this park will give your kids a view of the dense forests and grassy plains, which rare mammals like Bengal tigers and one-horned rhinos call home. A safari by elephant is the safest and most convenient way to discover the park, because it offers travels safety against predators. The national park is one of the biggest national tourist attractions in Nepal. Therefore, it is a must-visit place for the family.

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