Visiting the Cayes of Belize With Your Family

Spring is here, but some of us are still waiting for nice weather to arrive. If you are one of these people, then it may be time to plan a trip to a place that guarantees nothing but sunshine and high temperatures. Belize fits this description very well, and the Cayes make your time hard to forget. And Belize is on our list of top cities to visit as well as safest cities and countries in South America.

This is an opportunity to satisfy your whole family, as you and your spouse can relax in the sand while your kids go diving or surfing in the water. When the whole group decides to get a little active, then you can take lessons for exploring the areas below and further out on the ocean. Here is the best way to make the best out of your visit to the Cayes of Belize with your family.

1. Ambergris Caye

Belize has eight Cayes to offer for your break, with Ambergris being the biggest islands out of the whole group. This makes it easier to stay busy during your visit, as there are locations throughout the area designed for a good time. Snorkeling is best done at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the waves are big enough to perform new surfing tricks.

Ambergis Caye

The Truck Stop has plenty of markets for when your kids are looking for souvenirs to take home. The restaurants offer dishes that give you a taste of the local food while also offering options that are easier to come by back where you live. This should come in handy in case not everyone in your family is a fan of seafood.

2. Bird Island

While some islands in the Cayes don’t allow people to set foot on them, that doesn’t take away the ability to enjoy what makes them popular. In the case of Bird Island, you can get great photos out of the crowds of frigate birds that call the island home. This can be a nice break from checking out all the fish and other creatures that inhabit the water.

Bird Island

Make sure that whatever camera you take can zoom in from different distances, and that you’re at a safe distance so that your kids don’t get into trouble with these birds. You can also use this occasion to do a little fishing, as well as teach your family how to do it if it’s their first time. Your kids may end up making a big catch on their first try.

3. Caye Caulker

Some of the Cayes are best reserved for those who don’t want to venture too far away from civilization. That’s where Caye Caulker comes in, as the village is big enough to provide different activities but close enough to nature to feel like you’re in another world. You’ll have plenty of shops and restaurants to go to for a good spending experience.

Caye Caulker

Bars are situated by the beach for you and your spouse while your kids are enjoying lunch or building castles in the sand. You can spend one day at the northern part of the island exploring the mangrove forest, and the next day taking photos of the Belize Barrie Reef or doing some tricks at the dive sites.

4. Caye Chapel

Like Bird Island, Caye Chapel is best enjoyed from a distance. This Caye is a private island that is much smaller compared to the others that Belize has to offer. However, the parts of the island make it worthy of your photo collection so that you have something to show off to your friends when you get back home.

Caye Chapel

This spot is northeast of Belize city, which should save you time on experiencing the best that the city life and wildlife have to offer in a short period of time. Caye Caulker is also a short distance away if you want to take a break from the towns and bars and need a quick boat trip to get some fresh air.

5. Goff’s Caye

Do you want to take a break from snorkeling or boating for a more unique experience? If so, then a day at Goff’s Caye may be the solution. This spot has been registered as a Colonial era settlement, which means that it has plenty of archeological aspects to make for a good tour. The artifacts and landmarks throughout the island make for a good visit on a sunny day.

Goff’s Caye

If you still want to spend time by the water, you can take a quick trip to the Belize Barrier Reef. We advise finding small plane trips so that you can get a good view of the reef from the sky. This will be an amazing time for your kids if this is their first time being in a plane, as long as they don’t have a fear of heights.

6. Half Moon Caye

Having a variety of things to do in one spot will save you plenty of time and money on traveling. In this case, spending a day or two at Half Moon Caye will keep you from being bored. You can get to this island with a cruise ship, which should give you plenty of sources of entertainment on your journey to certain sites.

Half Moon Caye

The Half Moon Beach stretches throughout the island, giving you plenty of chances for a jog or views of the sun rising or setting. You are very likely to come across different forms of birdlife when you’re on the country side. The Lagoon Aqua Park has plenty of water slides if your kids like parks, and you can take them to check out stingrays at Stingray Cove.

7. Long Caye

Sometimes, staying at a smaller island makes it easier to plan your day because of the options for things to do. Stopping by Long Cave will make your options simple, but fun, as you can take a boat to the beautiful sinkhole known as the Great Blue Hole. It’s hard to come by sinkholes if you’re an outdoor adventure, so this is a must on your to-do list.

Long Caye

This island is also home to Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which makes for a great view from on the ground and above the ground. This spot is located about 80 kilometers southeast of Belize City, which gives you time to enjoy the city life on the same day. If you’re staying for a short time, make time for the reef and the sinkhole on the same day or for two days.

8. Tobacco Caye

Belize also has islands that are best used for relaxation on the beach before and after adventures in the water. One example is Tobacco Caye, which is full of areas where you can relax with some shade so that you can find a balance between being cool and warm. Boats are also available in case you want to do some fishing after an afternoon of swimming.

Tobacco Caye

The locals are extremely helpful in giving you a tour of different parts of the island, whether you’re trying to find a place to eat or a spot to stay over the night. You can also check out Glover’s Reef, a remote island that gives you peace and quiet if you’re trying to enjoy nature a little more.

Check out all of the Cayes so that you can make memories from your time in Belize.

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