What to Do in Anaheim CA Besides Disneyland

Disneyland may be the most popular destination in Anaheim CA, but there are plenty of other activities that will help you fill your days and nights when you visit.  If you have always wondered what to do in Anaheim, when you do not want to go to Disneyland or spend all your free time at Disneyland, you will be thrilled to see the large number of options that are available to you.  

Here are 13 things to do in Anaheim CA besides Disneyland:

1. Visit Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Wikipedia

Kids might have a blast at Disneyland, but they will have much more fun as they use their imagination at the Pretend City Children’s Museum.  As they wander around the Pretend City, they can make believe that they are grocery shopping, taking care of their patients at the hospital, pumping gas, or relaxing at the end of a long day inside their pretend home.  

2. Eat While Exploring History at The Packing District

Packing District - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Packing District was a major commerce area back in the 1920s and those buildings have been restored to look just as they did back then.  Instead of stores though, this area is filled with more than twenty different eateries, as well as an outdoor picnic garden and live music on the weekends.  You are going to want to visit this area often, as there is too much food to try all at once and it will look and smell too good to pass up!

3. Oak Canyon Nature Center

Oak Canyon Nature Center - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Oak Canyon Nature Center

Anyone wondering what to do in Anaheim for free will not need to look any further than the Oak Canyon Nature Center.  This fifty-eight-acre park can be found nestled within Anaheim Hills and you can wander along any of the multiple hiking trails.  If you want something a little more adventurous, then you must go over to the canyons to do a little exploring.  

4. Yorba Regional Park

Yorba Regional Park - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Yorba Regional Park

Another thing to do in Anaheim that is free is Yorba Regional Park.  This park has approximately one hundred and forty acres and it is filled with ducks, geese, robins, jays, four lakes complete with water lilies, and four hundred picnic tables.  If you get tired of walking around, or you want a change of scenery, you can rent kayaks, paddle boats, and bicycles.  

5. Venture Over to the Center Street Promenade

Street Promenade - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits; Wikimedia Commons

When you want to do a little shopping or visit the local businesses, you must venture over to the Center Street Promenade.  This area can be reached via the trolley and in addition to the businesses, you will also find the weekly farmer’s market there.  

6. Go Golfing at Anaheim Hills

Anaheim Hills - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Wikimedia

Golfers will love the fact that they can do a little golfing when they are in Anaheim and not spending time at Disneyland.  This course is well-maintained, but you must be aware that the course is quite challenging. Also, the fee that you pay for the greens is dependent on the day and time of day that you want to play.  

7. Go to An Angels Baseball Game

Angels Stadium - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits; Wikimedia Commons

If you happen to be in Anaheim during baseball season, then you simply must go to one of the Angels baseball games.  The games are held at Angels Stadium and tickets are reasonably priced. Oh, and if you are not in town at the right time, you may find that you are right on schedule to catch the Anaheim Ducks play a little hockey.  

8. Get a Move On at the Vans Skatepark


If it has been some time since you did some skating, or no one in your group knows how, then lessons at the Vans Skatepark are something to add to your list when looking for what to do in Anaheim.  This skatepark is more than twenty thousand square feet and the instructors will have you in the warmup area, on the mini ramp, out on the main street course, and on the outdoor course. It will be up to you to decide when you are ready for the Vans Combi pool, which is a replica of the Upland Pipeline Skatepark!  

9. Tackle Learning to Fly at the Flightdeck

Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits: Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

Anaheim has the only place in the world where you can learn how to fly a plane using a simulator.  Once you arrive at Flightdeck, you will be given a flight suit to put on after you take the flight course.  You then enter one of the simulators to fly!

10. Spend an Evening at Medieval Times

Medieval Times
Credits; Wikimedia Commons

Medieval Times combines dinner and entertainment into one jam-packed evening of entertainment.  You can choose which meal you want to enjoy while you watch the knights and horses up on stage.  

11. Grab a Drink at the Anaheim Brewery

Anaheim Brewery - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits; Anaheim Brewery

The Anaheim Brewery used to be a prohibition brewery and it has been brought back to life to ensure that you get a good pint during your time in Anaheim.  All the beer that they sell is made right there, so you never need to worry about what it has come into contact with or how far it traveled before being set in front of you.  

12. Listen to Music at The House of Blues 

House of Blues - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits; Wikimedia Commons

The House of Blues used to be located in Downtown Disney, but now you can find it in the GardenWalk.  There are four different music rooms and they all offer a unique experience when it comes to the dining and music.  You can see a performance on almost any night of the week all year long and the genres are always different. Therefore, you won’t know if you will be listening to rock and roll, country, or acoustic sounds until you check out the schedule when you arrive.  

13. Visit the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center - What to Do in Anaheim CA
Credits; Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center

This charming museum will not take you long to see, but it is guaranteed that you will never see the same thing twice.  The Muzeo Museum does not have a permanent collection, so it relies on traveling exhibits to fill its space. You never know what you will see when you walk through the doors, but you can count on the fact that you will be finished seeing it all in about an hour.  

There are so many things to do when you are in the Disneyland area that you should never need to wonder what to do in Anaheim during your stay.  While you can definitely spend all, or a good portion of your time, at Disneyland, there are many other activities that can keep you busy for days or even weeks.  Therefore, never worry that you will be bored and that you will never have anything else to do in Anaheim CA.  

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