What to Do in Bora Bora with Kids

You’re all set for that perfect Bora Bora vacation. All set, that is, except for one thing: you don’t know what to do with the kids. You’ve been planning this trip with your partner for a while, and you’re not sure how or if you should bring the kids along. After all, what child-friendly options are in Bora Bora, anyway? Fortunately, Bora Bora offers several family-friendly options, making it the perfect vacation spot for your whole family! Here are four of the best activities to do with your kids in Bora Bora. 

1) Visit Matira Beach

If you’re looking for the perfect activity for kids in Bora Bora, visiting Matira Beach should be at the top of your list. This tourist-friendly beach has plenty of shallow water, making it the perfect place for kids who aren’t yet ready for deep water.

Matira Beach. Bora Bora

What’s more, there are family eating spots along the beach that offer great food for the kids and high-grade cold beer for you and your partner. 

2) Take Advantage of Bora Bora Onoku Services

Want to spend a day with the kids on the beautiful blue Bora Bora lagoon? If so, take advantage of the amazing Bora Bora Onoku services, which will allow you to canoe over the waters. Watch as beautiful stingray, fish, and other marine life swim by in the crystal-clear waters beneath.

The best part? Bora Bora Onoku Services allow you and your family the opportunity to eat a delectable barbeque lunch in your boat. Simply put, this is the perfect way to spend an afternoon on the exotic French Polynesian island. 

3) Enjoy H2O Bora Bora Snorkeling Tours

How does an afternoon snorkeling with the kids sound? Have the time of your life with your kids in the beautiful blue waters of Bora Bora. You’ll absolutely love snorkeling with H2O. With both private and semi-private tours available, you and your family can become expert snorkelers. 

Stingray, H2O Bora Bora
Credits: H2O Bora Bora

Your kids will enjoy “living” underwater and learning new skills that they can carry with them home from the lagoon. 

4) Enjoy Vavau 4×4 Adventures

Looking for something a little bit different?

Take the Vavau 4×4 Adventures tour! This amazing tour will take you through the most beautiful sites of Bora Bora! With stops at Marita Bach and incredible WWII monuments, this tour has a bit of everything for you and your family.

Enjoy the lush green landscape of Bora Bora while teaching your kids a little bit of history. What’s more, with stops at the incredible Chin Lee Grocery Store in Vaitape, you’ll be able to shop until you drop for prices that can’t be beat.

Without a doubt, both you and the family will love the Vavau 4×4 Adventures tour. So don’t wait! Book your tickets now!

The Bottom Line

Bora Bora has something for everyone—including the kids.

If you’re looking to take your next vacation to the amazing French Polynesian island, consider this guide for the ultimate list of activities to do with your kids in Bora Bora. 

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