What to Do in Budapest with Kids

The capital of Hungary, Budapest has no shortage of family-friendly activities. This means that it’s incredibly easy to find things to do in Budapest with kids. For those with children, we’re sure this comes as music to your ears.

We know that planning your itinerary isn’t easy—especially if you have kids. Finding activities that will keep your entire family entertained in a foreign country can be a nightmare.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five best things to do in Budapest with kids. By following the guide below, you can be on your way to having family-fun everyone will enjoy in this country that is on our list of top 25 safest countries to visit this year!

1. Visit the Budapest Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? We know one thing: kids do.

And the Budapest Zoo is no exception. If you’re looking for a place where you can spend an entire day with your family, this is it.

Budapest Zoo

With one of the largest collections of animals in Europe, the Budapest Zoo is sure to capture the imaginations of your whole family. In fact, the Budapest Zoo features over 10,000 animals of over 1,000 different species—enough to keep you and your family entertained for hours.

Hours for the Budapest Zoo vary on the season, so be sure to check their official website for pricing and ticket information.

2. Take a Trip to the Hungarian Railway Museum

Thomas the Tank Engine. The Polar Express. The Little Engine That Could. What do these popular and endearing titles have in common?

They all prove one thing: kids love trains. That’s why there’s no better place in Hungary to take to excite your children than the Hungarian Railway Museum. Here, your kids can learn about some of the most common types of train engines.

Hungarian Railway Museum

What’s more, little kids can even ride certain kinds of trains—making it both educational and fun. Even parents can learn something about these locomotives. And let’s be real—who doesn’t want to find out more about the history of trains up-close-and-personal?

That’s what we thought.

3. Visit the Budapest Circus

If there’s anything that can excite a child more than a train, it’s the circus.

Fortunately, Budapest has both.

Budapest Circus

Those looking for the ultimate in family fun can check out the Budapest Circus. Filled with classic great acts, this circus is sure to capture the hearts of your whole family. From extravagant animals to death-defying acts, entertainers at the Budapest Circus put on a one-of-a-kind show.

4. Take a Sightseeing Cruise

If you’re in a city that has a sightseeing cruise, you should always take it.

Why? Because these cruises afford one-of-a-kind views that you’re just not going to find anywhere else.

Sightseeing Cruise

That’s why we recommend Budapest’s sightseeing cruise. Located on the beautiful Danube River, this cruise gives you an all-new look at Budapest. Take it at night and be amazed at the beautiful lights coming from the city. Your kids will like the view, but will love riding on a boat. And we’re sure that you and your spouse will love the romantic view of the city.

5. Go Shopping at Central Market Hall

Is it even really a vacation if you don’t go shopping? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

The good news is that Central Market Hall in Budapest offers some of the best shopping in Eastern Europe. From brand favorites to unique local items,

Central Market Hall

Central Market Hall offers a shopping experience unique to Budapest. Great for the whole family, this market is sure to offer something for everyone.

Keep these tips in mind to find the best things to do in Budapest with kids on your next vacation. And Budapest is on our list of best European countries to visit with kids!

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