What to Do in Tahiti with Kids

What’s better than the sparkling blue water and the tropical air of French Polynesian Island, Tahiti?

Not much. This vacation destination is the jewel of the French Polynesia and is the perfect spot for your next family vacation. Though the island is known for its romantic getaways, you may be surprised at just how much there is to do for kids. 

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to a few of the hottest attractions to do with kids in Tahiti. Use this list to help you plan your next amazing vacation

1) Hiking Tour

What better way to soak up the island than hike it with your family? Tahiti hiking tours generally require at least two participants, making them the perfect activity for you and your family. 

Your kids will never forget the scenic hike to Mount Aorai. The mountain stands more than 2,000 meters high and is one of the defining landmarks of the island. Climb to the mountain and watch your breath get taken away by its majesty.

When you’re done, hike back to base, enjoying the natural scenes and wildlife around you. With the right tour guide, you can learn the culture and history of the island as you walk, making your experience double the fun. 

2) Circle Island Tour

Take a circle tour of the island where you survey some of the area’s most important sites. Learn the history of the island with your kids and enjoy the beautiful views of Maraa Fern Grott and Vaipahi Waterfall.

Vaipahi Waterfall - What to Do in Tahiti with Kids
Credits: Vaipahi Waterfall

This is one activity that both you and the kids won’t be able to get enough of. You’ll love seeing the hottest spots of the island. What’s more, your kids will enjoy absorbing the history and the unique facts concerning the region. 

3) Go to Point Venus

Any trip to Tahiti without a visit to Point Venus. This black-sand, volcanic-ash beach is one of French Polynesia’s most unique landmarks. Your kids will enjoy the uniqueness of the site and the amazing ocean backdrop behind it. 

What’s more, Point Venus will make the perfect selfie or family photo location for you and your loved ones. Document your Tahiti experience with the perfect social media photoshoot.  

4) Visit Moorea

Done with the island proper? Visit Moorea, a nearby island offered referred to as part of Tahiti. You and the kids will love the many beaches and resorts that dot the island. When you’re ready to break away from your Tahiti experience, Moorea can provide you and the kids the perfect shopping experience. 

Moorea - What to Do in Tahiti with Kids

Want to go somewhere secluded? Moorea offers some of the best quiet beaches in the Tahiti region. Visit and experience the ultimate tranquility with your family.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for the perfect Tahiti vacation with kids?

If so, it’s time that you started planning ahead. By following the information in this list, you’ll be able to plan the ultimate vacation for you and your family.

So don’t wait! Your dream Tahiti vacation is waiting and you do know that Tahiti is on our list of the best islands in the world

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