What to Do in the Bahamas on a Short Weekend Trip

A weekend doesn’t sound like the right time period for a break in certain places around the world. To fly somewhere on Friday and head back home on Sunday sounds like a tough order. However, you will be happy to know that the globe is home to a variety of areas that provide enough sources of fun to make the traveling worth it.

One of these places is the Bahamas, which is the answer to the prayers of anyone looking for a vacation spot with plenty of sunshine and nice weather. The unique activities to do while in Bahamas include exploring different environments so that you have something new to do every day. Between a weekend in Nassau, Bahamas, a weekend in Bimini, Bahamas or any of the other Bahama islands, your options are limitless.  Here are the best things you should do in the Bahamas on a short weekend.

1. Beaches

It’s hard to think of the Bahamas without beaches and views of the ocean coming to mind. That’s because there is no shortage of them on this archipelago. They give you the opportunity to work on your tan while you take a nap in the sand. And of course, these beaches are why Bahamas is on our list of the most popular international spring break destinations, something to keep in mind if you want a place to take your kids to for spring break. And while visiting Bahamas, you can also bring some friends along for a game of volleyball or ultimate frisbee.

What to Do in the Bahamas on a Short Weekend Trip

You can also work on your surfing tricks, as some of the beaches have large waves to take on. The beaches with the calmer waters work best for snorkeling so that you can check out different forms of aquatic life without being too far from land. Services are also available for parasailing in case you want a birds-eye view of the Bahamas.

2. Swimming with Dolphins

Visiting the Bahamas gives you an opportunity to come across wildlife that may not be common back at home. One option you have here is dolphins, and you can actually swim with them at Dolphin Cay Atlantis. This also works as a family-friendly activity in case you’re bringing your spouse and children along for your adventure.

Swimming with Dolphins - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip

Guides are available to give you lessons on how to interact with these creatures, and the water is shallow so that you have an easy time keeping up with them. Dolphins aren’t the only sea creatures you’ll come across here, as there are plenty of sea turtles that are just hanging out in the background while you’re taking swimming lessons.

3. Swimming with Pigs

The land of the Bahamas is also home to certain animals that have gained popularity in the area. That honor goes to pigs, which call Big Major Cay in the Exuma chain their home. Guides allow you to swim these animals, as well, and you’ll also get to watch them interact with the island and study their behavior.

Swimming with Pigs - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip

These pigs are also friendly enough to where you can get close enough to give them some scratches behind the ears and some snacks for lunch. Other animals that you might spot during your visit include iguanas and different species of birds, and we recommend getting a selfie with the pigs if you get close enough.

4. Glass Window Bridge

One of the reasons that people go to the Bahamas is for the views, and some sections give you a unique perspective of the ocean and surrounding areas. The Glass Window Bridge, for example, combines nature with man-made settings by letting visitors check out the ocean from the road and the dunes nearby.

Glass Window Bridge - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip
Credits: Glass Window Bridge

You can take in the scenery without leaving your car, and being able to get both sides of the bridge in your view makes it even better. There are also hiking paths in the area in case you want to get some exercise during your stay. Access to the bridge is free for 24 hours a day, which gives you the chance to save money for other activities.

5. John Watling’s Distillery

There are plenty of spots throughout the Bahamas that serve as a nice break from the beach and the water. One of them is John Watling’s Distillery, which is popular for the homemade rum that visitors are able to see in the production process. You can sample this rum, in addition to gin, vodka and other drinks.

John Watling’s Distillery - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip
Credits: John Watling’s Distillery

This distillery is located in downtown Nassau so that you can walk to the city’s cruise terminal and other attractions that you want to check off on your to-do list. Samples are free, but you can also buy bottles of spirits to take home and let you friends try. Additionally, you might recognize this distillery if you seen “Casino Royale.”

6. Queen’s Staircase

Some attractions give you a chance to get some exercise in addition to checking out an area that is uncommon wherever you may be from. With the Queen’s Staircase, you can walk up and down steps carved out of limestone by about 600 slaves in the 1790s in order to honor Queen Victoria at the time.

Queen’s Staircase - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip

You have access to this staircase, which consists of 66 steps, for 24 hours a day, and we recommend having a local guide show you around so that you know how it was used overtime. The scenery combines the best of nature and the city life so that you can learn about the past and see how it still stands today.

7. Atlantis (Paradise Island)

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy more modern accommodations as a break from nature, then Atlantis on Paradise Island is the way to go. This resort is located in the middle of the island so that you have great views of the ocean no matter where you are while you go golfing or ride slides into swimming pools with friends. Atlantis makes it to our list of best Caribbean resorts worth checking out.

Atlantis - Bahamas for a short weekend Trip

The casino will be a blast if you or anyone in your group loves to bet and wants to try out a new game. You have different ways to get to Atlantis, such as a taxi if you want to get there right away or a cruise if you want to take your time and enjoy fresh air along the way. Different aquariums are just a walk away, and live music is a great way to end the night.

Take part in all of these activities so that you have a memorable short weekend to share with friends and family.

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