What to Do on a Weekend Escape to Bermuda with Your Family

While certain spots around the world have tourist attractions better suited for adults or kids, other locations manage to find a middle ground that keeps everyone satisfied. Among these locations is Bermuda, which not only helps people get away from the cold weather, but also provides different sources of entertainment for the whole family.

You can take your kids to a variety of beaches for some games in the water, hike on trails above and below the ground, or try out different dishes at restaurants in the downtown area. If you’re trying to figure out what to do for your next vacation, then here is what you can do on a weekend escape to Bermuda with your family.

Days at the Beach

If you, your spouse, and your kids are in search of a vacation spot that guarantees relaxing days under the sun, then you won’t be short on beaches where you can work on your tan while your kids play catch with the frisbee or football. Whether it’s Horseshoe Bay Beach, Elbow Beach or Warwick Long Beach, you can relax in the sand on your downtime or take some surfing boards out to pull off fancy tricks on the waves. And you probably already guessed that Bermuda has one of the best beaches in the world.


Rental services are available at these locations and several others if you want to try out other fun water activities, such as jet-skiing for extra thrills or paddle boarding for getting great views of the ocean while you’re standing up. The gang can also go snorkeling and check out fish, lobsters, stingrays and other smaller forms of aquatic life closer to the beach. This is also an opportunity to teach your kids how to fish by taking a boat out on the water for an afternoon. If one of you manages to make a big catch, be sure to have your phone out to show it off to everyone at home.

Adventurous Education

Breaks are also a time for you to learn something about history, science or nature that you may not have known before. While your children may want to avoid anything that reminds them of school, you can find fun sources of education in the form of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. When your family isn’t checking out artifacts from different periods of history or learning how to create works of arts and crafts, you can take your kids to learn about marine turtles, frogs, whales and other forms of aquatic life and how to preserve them.

Bermuda Aquarium

Touring through St. George will give you a lesson on colonialism in Bermuda in addition to beautiful buildings and other structures. The National Museum of Bermuda is full of artifacts and exhibits that show the history of slaver in the area, and you can take photos of shipwrecks scattered throughout the beach from conflicts during World War II.

Exploring Nature

In addition to enjoying time in the sand and water, you should take this break in Bermuda as a chance to walk through the woods and hills that this spot has to offer. Railway Trail is the way to go if you want to spend a day or two of your vacation away from the more crowded parts of Bermuda and take in some fresh air and beautiful views of the area. This trail provides plenty of sites to stop by in Coney Island, Rural Hill and Frank’s Bay, allowing you to explore sites and get some exercise.

Bermuda Railway Trail

If you run out of places for hiking and biking, there’s also the option of checking out natural wonders under the ground. That’s where the Crystal & Fantasy Caves come in, as they are full of carvings, sculptures, calcite formations, walkways and submerged lakes to explore and take pictures of. These caves are located right between Main Island and St. David’s Island, giving you more places to check out along the way.

Visiting Landmarks

Saving some time of your break for touring through the more populated parts of Bermuda gives your family the chance to find something new to explore every day. Visiting the Royal Navy Dockyard allows you and the family to take pictures of huge ships that have been used by the Royal Navy, and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, one of the 20 top lighthouses in the world, lets your kids get great views of the ocean and parts of town.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

One of the most popular tourist spots in St. George is the Unfinished Church, and visiting this church will make your kids feel like they are exploring the kind of ruins they see in their favorite adventure movies. Bermuda’s Underwater Exploration Institute is full if exhibits and galleries about shipwrecks and the military uses of the territory, as well as lessons about preservations for the marine mammals that reside near Bermuda.

Enjoy Fine Dining

Bermuda is also not short on places to eat, as you can take your family out to a variety of restaurants that offer the best food that the land and sea have to offer. You can even choose some of the tourists spots previously mentioned, such as the Royal Navy Dockyard and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, as your spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurants at these spots give you a nice view of the ocean to enjoy while you have your meal.

Mad Hatters

One of the best options if your family is looking for variety in dinner options is Mad Hatters, which offers dishes from anywhere from the Caribbean to Asia. Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy is the way to go if you’re in the mood for seafood, and Ascots Restaurant is full of European food that you can try if you’re used to Asian or American dishes. Be sure to check out the dessert options at these restaurants in case you or another member of your family has a birthday during the break.

Puts these activities on your to-do list so that you can experience the best vacation activities that Bermuda has to offer all year around, especially in the spring and summer.

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