Why Cape Verde Should Be on Your Family Bucket List This Year

The best places to go to for a family vacation are those that can give everyone in the group something fun to do and remember. These are also the kind of places that need to be on your bucket list, and the sooner you book a trip there, the fewer regrets you’ll have about taking your spouse and children on an unforgettable adventure. One spot that you’ll want to take the gang to for such an occasion is Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, or Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country that offers a variety of ways to enjoy fresh air. Some activities are more physical than others, but they all provide the best that this island has to offer. Here are some reasons why Cape Verde or Cabo Verde should be on your family’s bucket list this year.

1. Exploring the Water

If your family is one that likes to spend their free time by the ocean, then Cape Verde will be a paradise for you. One way to get the most out of this spot is to do some diving or snorkeling by the beaches. The island of Sal is the perfect spot for these activities.

Cape Verde Vacation

You and your kids will be able to check out a variety of animals under the sea that are small but amazing to look at, such as sea turtles, fish, stingray and crabs. There’s also the chance that you may notice some dolphins from a distance.

2. Unwinding at the Beach

While your kids play in the water, you can use this opportunity to relax with your spouse in the sand and work on your tan. Options for beaches include Sal, which is among the most popular, and Boa Vista, which offers areas for shading when you need a break from the sun.

Boa Vista

Some beaches have a little more variety in waves, such as Santa Maria, which has waves that are the right size for your kids so they can do some surfing in a safe area. Praia is also close to resorts in case you want to save time and money on traveling to your beach.

3. Hiking Fogo

It’s important to have different natural wonders to explore when you’re vacationing in the outdoors. The biggest one on this list is Fogo, a volcano that sits above all points of the island and provides plenty of trails for your gang to hike up and get a good workout in.


Everyone in your group is going to need walking poles to get to the top without losing your footing. Despite the length of the hike, the view of the island and ocean will be worth it. Make sure to get as many shots of the volcano as possible in your photo collection.

4. Touring Salt Mines

Visiting other parts of the world can be a chance to get a lesson in history that is more personal. When it comes to Cape Verde, visiting the salt mines of Sal is the way to go for some education that your kids may enjoy as an alternative to being in class.

Salt Mine, Sal

The mines in this area were built in the 18th century and were operated on by hundreds of people, but they have been abandoned for years. The area also makes for a good photo opportunity, and the salt ponds allow you to float as you relax.

5. Quad Biking

One activity on this list that is more suited for families full of adrenaline junkies is quad biking, and Cape Verde’s sand dunes are the perfect place for it. In case you or someone in your group is new to this activity, lessons are available to help them get the hang of it.

Quad Biking

You’ll be able to pick a variety of spots to take your quads in Boa Vista and Sal, and you’ll have to adhere to very strict rules so that you have a safe and fun experience. Once everyone is on the same page, then you can have a little race with each other or against another family.

6. Riding Horses

There may be a day that your family wants to spend taking it easy and enjoying the scenery. In this case, we recommend finding services for horseback riding, which will let your kids safely get close to one of the world’s fastest animals while you take your time exploring different beautiful locations.

Horse Riding

Services are available in a variety of areas, whether you want to soak in views of the sun setting on the ocean or check out locations closer to the woods. Your kids will also enjoy being in photos with the horses, which they can show off to their friends when they get back home.

7. Playing Watersports

While diving and snorkeling work best for when you want to check out what’s under the ocean, there are other sports you can play that keep you above the water. You can try surfing, which you can teach your kids for when they take trips to the beach with their friends, or kite surfing if they want to spend some time in the sand.


Windsurfing is a fun option if you want to try some tricks on the water that you can’t pull off on a regular surfboard. You can also take any of the boats at the docks and spend the afternoon fishing and see who can make the biggest catch.

8. Spotting Sea Creatures

Vacations at Cape Verde give you the chance to come across wildlife that may not be common back home. Taking a boat trip out far enough will give you the chance to spot some amazing creatures, such as whales, which may get you a little wet when they pop up for some air.

Dolphins Cape Verde

Other sea creatures that you can spot include turtles, dolphins and sea lions, and they may be traveling in groups during your trip. Take advantage of any trips with guides so you know how to stay safe around these animals but have fun at the same time.

Put all of these activities on your to-do list so that you can give your family a vacation they will never forget.

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