Why Croatia Should Be on Your Family’s Bucket List This Year

Are you stuck in planning your family’s next vacation? Are you looking for a unique location that will provide an experience unlike any other that you’ve had before? 

If so, consider adding Croatia to your family’s bucket list. Though not commonly talked about, Croatia has a number of family-friendly attractions that make it perfect for your family’s next vacation. 

Below, we’ll take a look at some of these attractions and at why Croatia should be at the top of your family’s bucket list this year. In doing so, we’ll take an especially-close look at the nation’s capital and at some of the activities that you can do there. 

With this in mind, consider the following information as you plan your family’s next vacation

Zagreb Has a Number of Family-Friendly Activities

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has become known for having a number of family-friendly activities great for children and teens of all ages. This means that it’s the perfect place for your family to visit on your next vacation. 

Here, you’ll find a unique local culture and have the opportunity to experience it up close and personal. What’s more, you’ll also find a number of activities that are great for your children. Two of these include:

1) Visiting the Zoo

One of the most talked about attractions for kids in Zagreb is the zoo. Let’s face it: you’ll be hard pressed to find any child who doesn’t like the zoo—especially not one who doesn’t want to see a world-class zoo like the one in Zagreb. 

Zoo Zagreb - Why Croatia Should Be on Your Family’s Bucket List This Year
Credits: Zoo Zagreb

Here, you’ll encounter a number of exotic animals that you and your children have likely never seen before. What’s more, you’ll be able to find out information on these different animals, making it the perfect chance to educate your children all while having fun. 

This will keep you and your family entertained for hours—and make a memory that will last much longer. 

2) Taking a Trip to the Zagreb Puppet Theatre

The real highlight in Zagreb, however, is the city’s local puppet theatre. This theatre is perfect entertainment for children of all ages and provides a family-friendly show that you’re all sure to enjoy. 

Puppet - Why Croatia Should Be on Your Family’s Bucket List This Year

If you’re looking for good, clean fun, make sure that a trip to the Zagreb Puppet Theatre is at the top of your list. 

It Has Great Beaches

But that’s not the only reason that you should visit Croatia with your family. As you may know, the country also has a number of great beaches, but there’s perhaps none better than Copacabana Beach. 

Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik

Known for its clear water, beautiful sand, and family-friendly atmosphere, Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik is perfect for the entire family. 

You and your kids will enjoy taking a dip in the water before coming back on land to build sand castles and eat at one of the many surrounding restaurants. 

As you can see, Croatia has a number of family-friendly activities that make it perfect for your next vacation. Keep this information in mind so that you can get a head start in planning your itinerary. 

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