Why Oman Should Be on Your Family Vacation Bucket list

Oman is one of those places that is never heard or talked about, especially when it comes to traveling bucket lists, but is actually one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the world. If you want to experience something charming, cultural, unique, and beautiful, Oman is the place to go. There are so many things to see within Oman and so many places to go, so you will never get bored. 

Where is Oman Located

When people hear the word Oman, there first question is, ‘Where is Oman anyway?’ Oman is located near the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

Map of Oman

The Oman map shows how close Oman is to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Iran.

Oman Map

What is the Capital of Oman

The capital of Oman is Muscat, and that city in and of itself is a wonder to visit. It has amazing architecture, deeply rooted culture, and sights to see around every corner. 

Flag of Oman

The national flag of Oman is easily identifiable with its vibrant red, green and white stripes. It features three stripes, one in each color, as well as a red column on the left side with the emblem of Oman. 

Oman Flag
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Population of Oman

Oman has a large population of 4.636 million inhabitants. On top of that, there are yearly tourists that make the population rise. However, those tourists do not permanently inhabit Oman, so they are not counted in the population. 

What Currency is Used in Oman

The currency of Oman is known as the Omani Rial. The Omani Rial is equivalent to 2.60 American dollars.

What is the Weather in Oman

The weather of Oman is described to be subtropical dry in which it is normally a hot desert climate but also experiences annual rainfall. In the summer months between June and September, Oman is normally 40 degrees Celsius or more. In the winter months between October and May experiences occasional rainfall as well as temperatures of 35 degrees and below. 

Is Oman Safe To Travel To

One of the biggest questions asked about Oman is “Is Oman safe?” The answer to that is a simple yes. While there is occasional crime, Oman is a relatively safe country in which large-scale and serious crime is rare. 

Where to Stay in Oman

Another big question once Oman is brought up is where to go once in Oman. Whether you are visiting Oman from UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai ,  or even a city from Europe or the United States, you need a good place to stay. In Oman, there are various extravagant resorts you can stay at to get the full experience of this country. Below are some of the top resorts: 

  • Alila Jabal Akhdar
  • Shangri La Bar Al Jissah
  • Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara
  • Six Senses Zighy Bay
  • The Chedi

Fun and Unique Things to Do in Oman

Oman is simply beautiful. Below are 14 reasons why Oman should be at the top of your bucket list including things to see, places to visit, things to do, and various tourist attractions in Oman. 

1) Experience the ‘Wadis’

Wadi is an Arabic term that means valleys that are normally dry but get filled up during the rainy season. Because Oman is normally desert but experiences rain in the winter months, they have a variety of wadis that you can visit.

Wadi Tiwi, Oman
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

You can see waterfalls at some of them, caves to adventure in, and pools to swim in. Every wadi is different and unique from the other, so you will not get bored visiting these beautiful formations.

2) Visit the Hajar Mountains

The mountain in Oman are far reaching and vast, making them a great place to visit and experience. You can see the mountains as you drive through the countryside of Oman and watch them as they change from red to black and more. You can even take a drive to the top of some of the mountains if you are brave and skilled enough to do so. 

3) Stay in a Luxury Resort

As stated before, there are a variety of resorts that you can stay in while in Oman. While not everyone may want to stay in a resort, they are a great option

Oman resort - Oman Family Vacation

because everything is included and if you have a day where you don’t want to go out, there is plenty of stuff to do at the resort itself. 

4) Take a Dive at the Gulf of Oman

One of the more popular places to go while in Oman is the Gulf of Oman. Known for its beautifully colored waters and great diving places, tourists come here from around the world. You can take a boat out the Gulf of Oman to take a little swim or even dive into the crisp waters. While down there, you can see a variety of marine life and plants that you cannot see anywhere else. 

5) Be Blown Away by the Dunes

Going to the dunes in the United States is one thing, but seeing the massive dunes and sand piles in Oman is a completely unique experience.

Sand dunes, Oman

The Wahiba Sands can be found reaching up to 150 meters tall and are a bright orange or red color. Whether you want to try to climb these massive dunes or just see them, they are a wonder to behold. 

6) See Firsthand a Jungle in the Desert

No one ever thinks about going to visit a jungle in the desert because they aren’t very common, but they do exist in Oman. Because most of Oman is desert, it is considered to be a desert, but there is one very big and very beautiful jungle within it. Located in Salalah, this jungle provides a cool escape for tourists during the hot summer months. On top of that, there is amazing wildlife and plants to see while there. 

7) Be in Awe at the Grand Mosque

Mosques can be found in a lot of places throughout the Middle East, Oman being home to one of the newer ones. The Grand Mosque of Oman was built in 2001 and is made of hundreds of tons of Indian Sandstone.

Grand Mosque - Oman Family Vacation

You can view the Grand Mosque and take in the amazing architecture, detail, and work that went into its construction. 

8) Relax at the Beautiful Beaches

If you have adventured enough and just need somewhere to lay back and relax, venture down to one of the many beaches of Oman and plant yourself in the sand. The water is blue; the sand is warm, and the sun is shining, so you can enjoy your time on the beach reading a book, playing with a frisbee, or even splashing in the waves. You may even see some wildlife on the beaches such as birds and other wildlife that resides on the vast coastlines. 

9) Take a Hike

If you are someone that loves the outdoors and hiking through the outdoors, Oman is the perfect place for you. There is no shortage of hikes in Oman, so you have a lot to choose from.

Gorge Canyon Oman

Whether you want to take a hike in the vast deserts, the reaching mountain ranges, or even the coastlines, you have options for all of the above.

10) Walk Through the Ancient Villages

Oman is the home to many historic and beautiful ancient villages. There are many that you can choose from, but one of the most famous and most visited is Nizwa. Not only is it one of the most beautiful, but it is also one of the oldest. Aside from Nizwa, there are many other ancient cities that you can choose to visit. You can learn a lot about the culture and the history of Oman through these ancient cities. 

11) Walk Through Al Hoota Cave

Did you ever think that you would be able to walk through a cave that is over 2 million years old? In Oman, you can. The Al Hoota Cave is one of the oldest caves in Oman and is the only one that has tours for the public.

Al Hoota Cave - Oman Family Vacation

You can experience this cave in all of its glory including natural lakes, animals such as bats, and even a museum that will tell you all there is to know about this amazing cave. 

12) Dive into Bimmah Sinkhole

Diving into a real-life sinkhole sounds terrifying, but it is actually one of the unique and exciting things that you can do while in Oman. This sinkhole is known as the Bimmah Sinkhole in Eastern Muscat. It is a beautiful sight to behold with bright turquoise water making way for a natural swimming hole. It is over 20 meters deep and is free to the public, so if you are on a budget while visiting Oman, this is the perfect place to stop. 

13) Watch the Dolphins Play

If you are a fan of marine life and dolphins, you can see them in action with a dolphin watching tour. There are various tours that will take you off the coastline of Oman and into the deep seas to watch the spinner and bottlenose dolphins have fun in their own natural habitat.

Dolphins Play - Oman Family Vacation

You can even snorkel alongside them if you go on a tour that has that as an option. Even if you don’t spot any dolphins, there is still so much other marine life to see and experience. 

14) Pitch a Tent Somewhere

If you are a fan of camping, you came to the right place because Oman has various different places where you can pitch a tent and go camping. Whether you want to pitch a tent in the vast desert of Oman or on the beach, you are bound to get an amazing camping experience. There are even resorts in the desert that offer a glamorous camping experience if you don’t feel like getting down and dirty.

Overall, if you are looking for a beautiful place to visit that is off the beaten path, you may want to consider adding Oman to that list. Though it is beautiful and has a lot to see, many people overlook it as a tourist attraction. There is so much to see and experience here, so it is definitely somewhere that should be added to your list this year. 

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