World’s Top 20 Cities to Visit With Family

Traveling with family doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. In fact, it really is one of the best ways to create some of the best memories! From exploring castles and dungeons to snorkeling in crystal clear waters and sailing through dense forests, some cities just offer the best adventures! If you’re a family that loves exploring, then try our list of top 20 cities in the world to visit with kids!

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

From magical castles to beautifully colored buildings, Copenhagen should be on the top of every family’s European vacation list. Here you’ll find two of the world’s oldest amusement parks and the largest national aquarium in all of Europe.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Take the little ones on a food journey through Amsterdam! From friets met mayo (French fries with mayonnaise drizzled over), poffertjes, cheese and stroopwafels – the kids will have a blast tasting different Dutch food. The city is known for its endless bicycles, so rent some bikes and ride around the quieter parts of the city.

3. Paris, France

Paris, France - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Kids will love the ambiance of beautiful Paris, with street performers being found at almost every turn! Visit the famous Eiffel Tower, go sailboat racing around Luxembourg Gardens, or visit the endless museums, parks, and galleries.

4. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

If walking is your thing, then Madrid is a must visit! So many attractions are within walking distance of each other, which is perfect if you’d like to take the little ones exploring! Madrid is well known for its delicious food, so be sure to try out some local delights.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Reykjavik is well known for being one of the safest cities in the world, so it’s perfect for a family visit. Spend some time at the thermal hot springs, watch the Northern lights, or go whale watching! For the more adventurous families, why not try climbing to the top of Mount Esja!

6. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

From the Ubud monkey forest to swimming under waterfalls and dolphin watching, Bali has both beautiful culture and scenery that will leave your family wanting more. Travel to the Gili Islands, and swim in some of the calmest waters you’ve ever seen.

7. North Island, New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

If you’ve got a family that loves The Lord of the Rings, then North Island in New Zealand is the place to visit. Wander around the hobbit holes of Hobbiton, explore the glowworm caves of Waitomo, or swim in the bubbling pools at Hot Water Beach.

8. London, England

London, England - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

With Harry Potter, Paddington Bear, Mary Poppins, and Peter Pan, how can London not be on a family vacation list? London is filled with museums, parks, and endless history which makes it not only a fun trip but also educational.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

If your little ones love art, then Barcelona is the place to be! Vibrant colors line the streets, and there are streets filled with performers swallowing fire and juggling swords! Visit the Sagrada Familia and the Museum of Chocolate, where the entire family can have a chocolate-making experience!

10. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Another foodies’ destination to visit with the entire family is Rome! From pizza to pasta to endless gelato, there will be something to ignite the taste buds of everyone! Rome is another one of those beautiful cities with water fountains at every corner and quaint alleyways to explore.

11. Belize, Central America

Belize, Central America - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Wander along beautiful beaches and explore dense rainforests in Belize. Take the little ones to Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and float down the river while taking in the sights and sounds of monkeys and toucans in the trees around you.

12. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Japan is filled with endless activities that will send kids on a frenzy of fun! From Tokyo Disney Sea to anime streets and endless game rooms, Tokyo will leave the entire family spoiled for choice.

13. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Why not try swimming at a Penguin filled beach or take a hike up the world famous Table Mountain? Go Whale watching at Hermanus, explore famous markets such as The Old Biscuit Mill, and try the famous Cape Town fish and chips!

14. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

With the all-popular Lego Land and Aqua Dome, Berlin is another family-friendly place that should be on your list! Here you’ll also find the oldest zoo in Germany, and of course the Berlin Wall.

15. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Lisbon is well known for having endless restaurants that offer kids-only zones, letting mum and dad relax with a bottle of wine! But that’s not all Lisbon is famous for – spend time at one of the many beautiful beaches or explore the largest castle in the land!

16. Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

What better way to teach kids about the environment than on a vacation where they get to see and experience things for themselves? Costa Rica is known for its ecotourism. Visit Bosque Eternal de losNiños, also known as the Children’s Eternal Rainforest, which is filled with trails, wildlife, and endless outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and zip lining.

17. Florida, U.S.A.

Florida, U.S.A. - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

How can Florida not be on any family’s must visit list? Known as the Sunshine State, why not drive down Daytona Beach or visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex? For the more adventurous ones, why not wander in some wilderness at the Everglades National Park or swim with manatees in the beautiful Crystal River?

18. Nairobi

Nairobi - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Experiencing the wildlife in Africa is a completely different experience that allows you to see the true nature of some majestic animals. Visit the Nairobi National Park and watch as lions, leopards, and giraffes wander freely in their natural habitats. There are even centers where you can feed giraffes or interact with rehabilitated elephants.

19. Austria

Austria - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

Austria is known all around the world for its famous kid-friendly spaces. With playgrounds containing artistic spaces and endless family hiking options, there’s something for everyone in Austria. Try skiing through the mountains or take the kids on a musical journey as they learn about some history!

20. Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland - World’s Best Cities to Visit With Family

With beautiful culture and breathtaking landscapes, Galway has something for every member of the family. There are endless stories filled with magic and history that will leave the little ones wanting to know more. Try flying a hawk or exploring the castles, and sit down for a medieval feast!

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